In an episode of “This Freelance Life” this week, I gave an overview of how to build a website and which platform to use. If you aren’t sure which way you want to go, read up and see whether price, functionality or ease is most important to you.

WordPress v. Squarespace

Squarespace Overview


Squarespace is fantastic for people that want to create a website and not fiddle with it again. Squarespace updates everything for you and adds new features fairly often. Templates are designed for you and easily changed to fit your needs. Typekit is integrated into the design panel which makes it easy to get the specific designs


To get the most out of Squarespace, you have to pay $30. It does come with a lot of bells and whistles though. You can’t have a store with unlimited items unless you buy the most expensive tier. The blogging feature is not very intuitive and searchable on the backend.

WordPress Overview


WordPress is endlessly expandable with plugins that make it easy to add features to your website. You can make it look and act exactly as you want. The blogging feature is robust and it is really built originally for blogging.


If you want your WordPress to function properly, you are eventually going to have to learn a little bit of code. Its easy to get carried away fidgeting with a WordPress site. You also have to update and backup your site so it runs smoothly.



Domain – approx. $12.99

Website – $13-37 a month

Total per year – $169-445


Domain – approx. $12.99

Hosting – $3-5 a month

Total per year – $49-73

You can use a free theme or pay for one license which could range from $10-75 usually.


Clearly, WordPress is the cheaper choice. Its perhaps a bit more work, but you save money and can do pretty much anything with your website with excellent functionality.

If you feel like you want WordPress, but are overwhelmed at the thought of creating a website, contact me.

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