Mission is so much more than a brief sentence on your about page. It is the foundation of your business, or maybe, your life. It informs the decisions you make, however big or small. It is the core to your culture, your vibe or your tribe.

I’ve talked about wandering aimlessly through life. Sure, it was fun, but I could have saved so much time, energy and money if I had just sat down for a 30 minutes to think about my direction and what I wanted.

Our mission is this:

CREATIVEHAUS is a design company with a passion for innovative design, collaboration, philanthropy, and revolutionizing education.

We are a growing group of creatives: designers, writers, and educators, paving the way for better design and business practices, and engaging a future generation in design and other creative disciplines.

Could it use some work? Yes, always. We are always working to better define ourselves and you should too. That’s why we are talking about mission. We need to constantly be reminded of our goals, interests and who we are in order to stay on mission.

This month we are talking about how you can define and share your mission.

On the main page you will find downloadable content like worksheets, social media packs and ebooks.

Are you ready to live your mission?

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