Social media can be really fun. You can meet new people, hear about things as they happen and share what you are all about. [Tweet “If you run a business and you aren’t using social media to find leads, you’re doing it wrong.”]

There’s a couple different ways to go about it.

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Follow and interact with potential clients

Follow and tweet at people you could see needing your business services. So for example, you are a web designer. You don’t want to follow only other web designers. You’ll want to find businesses that you would like to work with.

Use Twitter Ads to sell

Stop using Twitter ads to get follows or likes. You can see products on Twitter now. You can also use ads or tweets as click funnels to lead people to purchase your products or services.

Use Hootsuite to find your customers

Hootsuite has this nifty feature where you can search terms. You can utilize this tool to find customers. Use specific search terms. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you can search for “just got engaged” and refine your search by location. that way you can find potential wedding clients and reach out to them early. You could send them a quick tweet “Congratulations! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to work with you!” and don’t forgot a link to your work.

Create funnels and capture information

A click funnel is a way to get people to take actions to get them to a certain page or product or share a piece of information. A popular click funnel is to offer a product in a tweet with a link to get it “for free.” It then links to a page where they input their email address. After they enter their email address, they are sent to a page where they can download the free product. It isn’t free, they pay with their information. But hopefully, you will be offering some value for them to give up that small piece of info about themselves. You can do that for products, webinars, classes, etc.

Sell products

You can sell products directly on Twitter! Its pretty great. You dod need to use Twitter tools for business, but Twitter will handle pretty much all the tough stuff. You compose a tweet, link to your bank account and link your product. So easy and direct!


These are just a few ways to utilize social media to make some mula. Try them out and let us know if they work for you!

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