Let’s be real, blogging is hard work.

We must think of new content every week, write compelling copy, engage readers, promote and market our work over social media and so, so much more. I’ve used many different programs, plugins and calendars to help me stay organized and plan ahead but nothing, I repeat, nothing has made my life easier than CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is a light-weight plugin that allows you to plan posts way ahead of time, make to do lists, assign tasks to other people and plan related social media campaigns. Drag and drop posts allow users to easily shift the schedule around. A recent update allows users to connect Evernote, which is where I tend to do a lot of my preliminary writing and brainstorming.


Planning ahead

My favorite tool easily, is the tasks. I have different kinds of posts that require different amounts of preparation. I create templates with a list of tasks for each kind of post. Each task can be planned a number of days before the post is scheduled to be published. For example, any pictures I want in the post, I compile or capture three days before the post is published.

Every day, I log in and see the tasks I need to complete. Instead of writing a post (and everything that goes with it) every day, I can spread it out over my week. I felt way less stressed after just a week of using it.

Promoting posts

Not only does CoSchedule seamlessly promote my posts to social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages, it continues to share my content, bringing in more views and refreshing my old content.

Social media posts can be scheduled with links and pictures for when my post is published, the day after, a week after, a month after and any other time I want. This is especially great for evergreen content.

Working with a team

When I have other people writing or scheduling content, I implement with commenting system on the post panel. It cuts out all the back and forth emails and texts. All my discussions are right where my work is. No more searching through emails and then not knowing which post to edit or update.


Esch post has a panel that allows me to control publish date, meta info, tasks and social media. I can see which social media platforms my post performed well on and how I can rework future posts to get better engagement. I also like that I can view which posts performed better overall. This is great because I see what kind of content my audience wants and thinks is important enough to share. I also can promote posts that haven’t gotten as much love.




CoSchedule is a tool I cannot live without. Whether you are blogger just starting to invest in your business, or an established publishing platform trying to streamline your workflow, CoSchedule is the way to go. It starts at 10$ a month and is packed with features that I didn’t even mention.

Check it out now! And if you love it, let me know.

Here’s a quick video if you still aren’t convinced.



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