As a small business owner, I find the I wear many hats: designer, social media manager, accountant, advertising, legal… It’s a lot.

I don’t always have time to be writing content on my blog. That’s where evergreen content comes in. You can republish content year round.

You can republish this evergreen content year round on your social media accounts. But it’s very easy to slip into a repetitive spammy pattern.

If you make the switch to using a small amount of 10-20 evergreen blog posts, you will still have to write interesting posts for your social media.

Many people automate their blog automatically post to social media so their social media posts look like this

How to republish content without looking like a spammer

Sometimes it’s okay to tweet or post to Facebook like that. But not every time.

[Tweet “You need to work #variety into your posts. #socialmediamarketing @creativehausco”]

You can ask a question, use a pull quote, AND simply post the title of the blog.

To optimize those posts, use keywords and/or hashtags and use rich media content like pictures or videos. People are much more likely to like and share content that has rich media.


It’s also important to not share the same blogs in a row. Stagger them so you share the post one every 5 days perhaps. But just make sure you wrote your social media post with variation.

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