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Project Description

As a member of the Chico Wedding Collective, I tend to be kind of biased towards the organization.

I met the Creative Director, Jenifer Rodriguez at a local coffee shop and she told me about her grand plans to form a group of creatives that would design lookbooks for publishing. The ultimate goal was to spread awareness about equality and the environment. I was all in and immediately started designing the website.

The website has a had a view iterations, it’s design has changed with every lookbook we have gotten published. Our work was published on various popular wedding blogs in 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled and Black Sheep Bride.

We also formed a partnership with Honeybook, software designed to hep creatives run their businesses better. Our entire collective received their program for free ($500 value) and we got to test run their Collective software, which helps groups like us collaborate. We went to their headquarters in San Francisco and gave them our feedback on what we could use and told them how we integrated it into our website and how we would like to see it grow.

This website was a particular challenge in that we had massive amounts collaborators so organizing information was crucial. We also had to make sure that lookbooks were presented in a way that was easy to puruse for users.

We played around with the idea of a store and had a few iterations where collaborators could open their own shop and sell the goods through our website. Ultimately that never came to fruition.

The collective in in hiatus, but we regularly receive emails and still receive new followers on social media.