In today’s episode of This Freelance Life podcast, I talked about how Facebook groups can help you grow as a business owner by asking other members questions, allow you to share your knowledge and build your reputation, get business by helping out business owners that need services, and maybe even start a collaborative project or two!

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What kind of Facebook group should you join?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for clients, join a group that caters to your client base. For example, if you are a groomer, join a dog lovers group. If you are looking for advice and support, join a group that has similar business owners to you. If you are a web designer, join a web design business owner group.

How do I get clients in a Facebook group?

Build your reputation. Answer questions. When someone asks for a service, offer yours if its relevant. Take advantage of promotions days.

Why should I share my knowledge for free?

Chances are if you are in business, you know a lot about your niche. You can answer basic questions in a group setting or send people to blog posts about a topic they may want to know more about. People will begin to have name recognition and you will be deemed trustworthy. If you can show you know your stuff, people will want to work with you. Which means money in the pocket.

What are promotion days?

They are special days for you to post. Some groups have them, some don’t. Make sure to read the groups guidelines before posting. Sometimes there will be a day to post a product or service or a day for sharing a blog post. take advantage of these. They are free advertising.

Why should I look for collaborators?

Collaborators are a great way to expand your reach. Not only can you build something awesome together, you can reach all their followers and customers as well. Once again, free advertising.

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