Upgrade the way you write, send and receive contracts. Shake and Echosign make it so easy to get them sent and signed.


Shake is great software for writing, sending and getting contracts signed for a couple reasons.

  1. Templates Shake has several templates for many kinds of contracts whether its for design, photography or non-disclosure agreements. You simply input a few details like names, pricing and project specifics. You can also write and upload your won contract templates.
  2. Legal You can get legal help on the website and get your contract reviewed.
  3. App They have an app for writing and sending contracts on the go. We are all about mobile working. It takes about five minutes to write and send a contract from the app.
  4. Digital Signing Whether its about speed or the environment, paperless contracts are quickly becoming the norm. Clients and freelancers can a legally binding contract digitally and quickly refer back to it if needed

Echosign/Adobe Documents

  1. Write Contracts You can save a design as a pdf and use Adobe Reader to edit text for different projects.
  2. Saved Signature You can save your signature for easy signing.
  3. Fields You can add as many fields as you need to a contract for your client to sign.

So which one is better?

Well, we use Echosign. It is more dependable and user friendly. Shake can glitch out but it is faster and easier on the go.

We hope this helps and wish you an expedient journey through writing contracts!


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