Philanthropy is more than just a word thrown around in mission statements. It should be a part of every business’ action plan.

A successful business will find that it actually pays to philanthropic, though you shouldn’t do it for only selfish reasons.

People tend to trust businesses that give back to the community or help a specific group. People look on that favorably and want to take part in something bigger than themselves. They will want to join you in your mission.

For example, if you make websites for a living, maybe you could offer a free coding course to high school students or give computers away to an up and coming entrepreneur.

there are always websites where you can partner with non profit organizations to help them complete tasks in your area of expertise. This allows them to use the money they would have spent on a website or marketing and put it towards their actual cause. This builds trust in two ways.

  1. People are more trusting of charities that put money toward the cause instead of administrative purposes.
  2. When you link up with a trusted charity, it shows you are a trustworthy company.

Here are few websites that will help you partner with non profits:



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