I’ve been working with the Channel Islands Marine Science Academy to help students build portfolios. By using Wix and Edmodo, we were able to help students design their website and upload their work and resume to it.

We attended a seminar on EPortfolios for students. There were some teachers we were trying to get on board with using the  student portfolios. 

One point that the speaker made that I don’t necessarily agree with is that employers won’t look at an online portfolio. 

I think people going out into the job force definitely need a branded paper resume to go with their site. You should never have one without the other. But I do believe it’s important to have something online. Your employer will Google your name. You may as well control what they see. 

When I applied for jobs straight out of college, I got cold calls simply from having a minimalistic, easy to use, but well-designed portfolio.

I think having web skills and being able to show your work elegantly is key to being successful in today’s job market. 


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