Best apps for freelancers

Working on your own can be liberating…and stressful. When I started my business, I found myself completely attached to my Macbook Pro. I would not leave the house without it. Then lo and behold, I upgraded my iPhone 4s to a 6 and I had a whole new world of opportunity and small purses. That phone can take whatever I throw at it and it is big so I feel like I can actually get stuff done with it.

Using apps to get my work done while riding the bus or waiting for my coffee has ended up saving me tons of time so I can spend time spending time with my friends and family.

These are the apps apps for freelancers. I use them pretty much daily and they make my life so much easier.


I can quickly edit posts and pages. Most of my actual writing happens on my computer but it is nice to have it on the go.


I use this to connect with people on several different accounts. I use this more than I used apps like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Those I would save for use on my computer. I don’t want to plan a weeks worth of tweets on my phone.

Facebook Pages

I don’t have Facebook on my phone but I do have its Pages app. I can create events, post pictures, or articles and interact with fans as soon as they post. I run several organizations pages so it is pretty great.


Before I used CoSchedule, I would use Evernote and Sunrise Calendar as my editorial calendar. It worked pretty well! It is good to write your posts somewhere else first anyway. I also send articles I like to read later. I use a lot of automation that I send to Evernote.




I’ve been using Wunderlist for years. It’s not that I use it every day, but it has a great interface and is great for planning long term projects. It’s broken down by lists, to do’s and each to do has subtask and a place to write notes. It’s pretty nifty. It’s also integrated into the IOS9 share feature, so you can send pretty much anything to a list.


IF makes the internet work for you. In fact, I think thats their slogan. You can automate your accounts to do different things.

I have it send all my email receipts to an Evernote receipt folder. It sends me a weekly email with all the laws that have been signed. I used to have it send my Instagrams to Twitter as native Twitter photos but I don’t do that any more. I’ll post why soon!


I use timely to schedule and track my hours. It is quick and easy to add clients and projects. You can add your hourly wage and it shows you how much time you have left on a project. Not gonna post pictures of this because it has some sensitive information!

Evernote Scannable

I don’t use this app as much but when I do, it is a lifesaver. It uses your phone camera to scan pages quickly and you can trim the edges. You can share it via email or text, to iBooks or other apps including Evernote. I love that they all work together so well!

Mailchimp Snap

Creating an email campaign on Mailchimp is not difficult or time consuming. If you don’t have your computer with you, this is a great tool. You can only send out one picture and a simple message but I have used it for multiple campaigns. The emails are clean and simple, but if you have good pictures of graphics, it’ll be fine.


It doesn’t look like much but this is powerful little tool. You can create graphics on the fly with any font you can find on the internet. You download them straight to Phonto. It all also has pre-made sizes for different ratios (5:3, 4:7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+) It lets you build layers and export to, once again, just about any app.



I  use Xero to track cash flow and invoices, so this app is great. It connects to my business bank account and I can file transactions as they come in under business expenses, income, bills, etc. It’s one less thing I have to boot up my computer for. Sensitive info on this one too, so no pictures but you can check it out in the App Store!

Google Analytics

I love having this on my phone because I am a data geek. I love seeing how different days, weeks, and months stack up to each other. Its also good to know which content is getting more hits and what web design works better for user engagement.

Printer Pro

This app is awesome. The native printing tool on iPhone is okay but this app really packs a punch! It’s basically like using a regular printer interface. And being able to print wirelessly from my bed was a great moment in my life.

So these are the best apps for freelancers, in my humble opinion! They certainly help me get through the workweek. Download them, try them out, let me know what you think!

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