This morning, the Adobe Max conference kicked off with a bang. they’ve made some huge changes to their heavy hitters (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and have built some amazing new products and apps. Here’s an overview of new Adobe products and features.


Illustrator has several great new features. It used to have 6400x zom and now it has 64,000. The shaper tool uses natural drawing gestures, creates lives shapes, and its properties can be changed after saving. Gestures perform pathfinder operations and live modifications can be made. Creative Sync makes it easy to share between devices and programs.


Indesign has some amazing features that make it easier for you to work and publish beautiful projects. Now, when you select a character, a pop up with the alt glyphs hover and you can select which one you want to use. You can also publish online with one click and its more interactive than ever. Interactive authoring is built into the library. Publish your  digital document online and you will get a unique url for sharing. You can also choose to embed a fully interactive feature.


Adobe Fuse is an incredible new product. You can create 3d human mockups easily. Whether you are creating a graphic but are waiting for the photographer or planning a photoshoot, Fuse makes this process easy and fast. You can make unique, 3D human characters in minutes for Photoshop. It essentially works as an avatar creator and you can change facial features, clothes and so much more. It saves to libraries. When you open it in Photoshop, you can edit poses or add animations.


Muse has new updates as well. You can now make responsive websites and  import from Comp.


Photoshop has added new features to help for mobile/responsive design. When you add a new documents, you add content from your main document & check which layers you want and they are saved in your library. Photoshop has art boards now as well. You can crete multiple iterations in a single document and the layers panel has been revamped to keep it organized and clean. You can now directly open and places .svg files. You can also easily scales and save multiple assets at a time all in one place.

Project Comet

For all the UX/UI designers, there is a brand new product. Project Comet makes designing prototypes quick and easy. Everything is in vector compatible so it resizes easily and everything is edited by drag and drop. this makes pixel perfect designs easy. You can import pictures into a grid with a single step. Repeat grid in your design both vertically and horizontally. With hundreds of dartboards and thousands of dartboards, Comet works insanely fast. In Prototyping mode, you can draw targets and animations, In Preview mode, you can preview your interactive designs for mobile devices. It is essentially everything you need to design website and apps sin space

Premiere Pro

There is something new for videographers as well. The Premiere Pro lumietry panel has been updated to act more like a Lightroom. Camera Raw editing panel. There are also now presets for quick changes. It also integrates Adobe Capture and color profiles can be imported.


There is a new dynamic link for video streaming to Adobe Audition. You can use remix to sync music with video. You can choose to focus on beat, harmonics or tambour.

After Effects

After Effects can now integrate Adobe Stock with a just a few clicks.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is a powerful, non-destructive image editor. its easier to edit skin tones and dehaze.

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix has better blend modes and temperature control.

Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix has powerful retouching tools. You work in non destructive layers and have detailed facial editing.

What’s our favorite new tool?

Adobe Comp

You can create fairly detailed designs, import from other apps via Creative Sync and send your mockups to any Adobe app – Muse, Photoshop, Illustrator…. #InLove.

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