Thought it’s only a few sentences, writing a mission statement is one the most important things you will do for your business. It builds your brand, both with consumers and employees. It will determine the decisions you make and the projects you take on. Here are seven tips for writing a useful mission statement:

  1. Think long term

You need to choose early on in the writing process whether you want a long term mission statement or a short term mission statement. I you want to think long term, you need to write about the company’s core purpose, regardless of how much your company might grow. Your core purpose should stay the same as you evolve if you have a well-written long term mission statement.

2. Think short term

If you choose to write a short term mission statement, it will most likely go along with the trends of the time, You need to be specific with your goals and what you intend to accomplish. You will  need to update your mission statement often to keep it relevant to your company’s purpose.

3. Revisit it regularly

Your mission should be integral to your business as well as an a central part of your decisions making process. If you want to make a business decision that doesn’t align with your core purpose, perhaps it is  not the best choice or your company has evolved. It is then that you should make any necessary changes.

4. Be concise

Keep your mission statement short and concise. One to two sentences should be all that you need. Cut out all filler words and jargon.

5. Be honest

Don’t add things to your statement that aren’t true. Be honest about who you are and what your purpose is. This will help you stay true to the mission.

6. Pinpoint what makes you different

Each business is run a little differently. Look at your competitors and think about how you are different. You want to look at how you do things better than than them and celebrate that in your mission statement.

7. Collaborate

Working with your business partners and employees will help you see a clearer picture of your business’ mission. They will also help you define the language of your brand. If there is something that doesn’t fit, an employee may be able to point it out easier than an owner because they have a different place in the company.

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