Many successful companies have pretty boring mission statements. A good mission statement will not only define your mission but also inspire consumer trust. Here are a few of our favorites.


“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

Patagonia’s mission shows a dedication not only to high quality products, but also preserve the places their products will take people: to mountains, the oceans and beyond. In business, we need to think not only of how we can run our business ethically, but how our business can affect the world.

Warby Parker

“Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for a socially-conscious business.”

High fashion can often mean materials that have high cost to the environment and to the humans who labor over it. They are not only creating great design for the every day person but are also doing it in a socially conscious way.

Honest Tea

“Honest Tea works to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products with sustainability and great taste for all.”

The food industry is full of suspicious labeling and unnecessary ingredients. Honest Tea promises a healthier, better tasting alternative. They also hit on the importance of sustainability.


“At Ikea, our vision is to create a better every day life for the many people. Our business idea supports this visio nay offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

Ikea is a proponent of extraordinary design for ordinary people. They offer both form and function at an affordable price.

Levi Strauss & Co.

“People love our clothes and trust our company. We will market the most appealing and widely worn casual clothing in the world. We will clothe the world.”

Levi’s thinks large scale when they say “We will clothe the world.” They aren’t lying either. It’s a worldwide brand. they weren’t afraid to think big when they wrote their mission, which undoubtedly has changed since the original pair of jeans was created.

Mattel, Inc.

“Mattel makes a difference in the global community by effectively serving children in need. Partnering with charitable organizations dedicated to directly serving children, Mattel creates joy through the Mattel Children’s Foundation, product donations, grant making and the work of employee volunteers. We also enrich the lives of Mattel employees by identifying diverse volunteer opportunities and supporting their personal contributions through the matching gifts program.”

Mattel doesn’t focus on its quality of toys but instead focuses on people. They focus on their charity for children and how they encourage their employees to volunteer and donate.

So what’s the takeaway?

Your mission will change depending on how you want to be viewed. These are inspirational because they offer more than a product. They offer purpose beyond making money. They focus on affordability, sustainability, good design, honesty and integrity, being socially conscious and philanthropic.

Think about how you want to truly make an impact and run your business. That is the first step toward  crafting a powerful, purposeful mission statement.

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