A website is an investment. Don’t hire the first person you meet that says they are a web developer or designer. Educate yourself on what the process looks like and take some time to think about what kind of website you want and what it’s purpose will be. That will help you find someone who can complete the project and give you exactly what you need.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you hire a web developer.

5 things to know before hiring a web developer

Good design takes time.

Be wary of design firms that promise results in three days. You are probably getting a cookie cutter design that dozens of other people already have. That short amount of turn around time is great for someone that needs a project done fast, but if you are investing in a website, your project receive a great amount of care and attention.

What looks good to you now may not be a good decision for the longevity of your business.

I’ve seen two trends from customers. There are the customers that started their business 10 or 15 years ago and haven’t changed their website since then. Or someone is entering into a field where their competitors have been established and have old websites and want to look like them. Then there are the customers who want to be on the cutting edge of trends and want what is popular now.

It’s important that your web designer or developer knows the trends and what looks good but can also create something for you that can last and look fresh even 10 years down the road. You don’t want to hire someone every two or three years to redesign your website.

Websites need maintenance so hire someone you would like to work with for a long time.

Depending on what framework you decide to have your website built on, you may have a decent amount of maintenance and upkeep. This may be even more so if you are not web savvy. When you are looking for different web developers, look for someone that you get along with, that responds to your questions within a timely manner and generally has a good work ethic. If you form a good working relationship while they are developing your website,  you may want to keep them on for monthly maintenance. That is beneficial to you because they know exactly how your website works. Bringing a new person and getting the developer that has been replaced to work well can be extremely difficult and a negative experience for all parties involved.

Price does not equal value.

Just because someone charges $4,500 for a website does not mean you are getting a good website, or even a decent website. I’ve seen people pay that much for a website that barely performs the functions that the owner needs. Your website should not only meet your needs as the owner but easy for your target audience to use.

But this goes both ways.

Just because someone charges less, does not mean that they are inexperienced or offer a bad product. They may be targeting a specific customer group or just feel that is what their time is worth (which isn’t a bad thing). People can price differently and that is okay, but it is not an indicator of value.

Get you one that can do both.

Or do it all.

It’s great to find an amazing developer that can code like no one else. But what if they also were a great designer and knew enough about SEO to optimize your website as they go? If you find a person that is well rounded in design, it could end up making your life a lot easier. Instead of managing three different people for your website, you could have one.

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